Todd Tumlin  4/18/1973 - 9/1/2010 R.I.P. My Friend




This poem meant more to me than you ever knew. The kindness and compassion you showed me during my time of grief has remained with me all these years and I have tried to pass along your beautiful spirit to others who were not as fortunate to know you as I did. I pray your own words follow you now as you seek your new shores of destiny.


Love Always,







Annabelle visited the University of Georgia oncology service every 1-2 weeks for the last year of her life. She was loved by all the students, staff, and doctors she came in contact with at the clinic. The following was written by one of her oncology technicians shortly after she passed. A plaque was presented to the clinic in recognition of the love and compassion they showed Annabelle each time she visited.



Annabelle was very well known here at the Small Animal Hospital. The Internal Medicine Service was the first to get acquainted with Annabelle in May of 2008. Soon after, she was treated by the Orthopedic service. In June 2009, after her diagnosis of Transitional Cell Carcinoma, (cancer of the bladder), she was transferred to the Oncology Service. Throughout her treatment she was also seen by Neurology, Soft Tissue Surgery, as well as the ICU and Critical Care Staff. Annabelle and her dad became familiar faces in the hospital. Being a shy dog, Annabelle preferred to sit in the lobby with dad rather than be in the wards all day. They both greeted many other clients on her appointment days and made many friends at the hospital.

Annabelle's fight against cancer was a long and courageous one. She endured many rounds of chemotherapy treatments, radiographs, and ultrasounds, a procedure to place a stent, and countless physical exams and blood draws. Annabelle and her dad were planning a cross country trip to Colorado State University for radiation therapy when sadly, she lost her fight. Through it all she never complained or acted as if she had endured enough. Annabelle's dad was willing to do whatever it took to keep her happy and did until the very end. His dedication to Annabelle and her well being was extraordinary. He has told many people that she was a daddy's girl from the beginning. They shared a special bond and were truly companions.

Annabelle may be gone but not forgotten. Her presence and resilient spirit will be missed and remembered here at UGA.


Anne Dawson, RVT

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